Posted by: maxwellar | December 23, 2008

So what if it has been two months….at least its not a year!!!!!

So two months, (sorry Will am I off your blog site yet?)

Well in two months I have watched BYU go from Ok to Bad.  Exciting Bowl game but I have mud on my face talking about them being put against an inferior team and then what do they do but lose!!! Whats with that.  I think I have figured “Turnover Hall” out.  He plays a great game as long as there is no stress or pressure to perform.  But as soon as the pressure is on he folds like a stack of cards.  (Ok maybe not quite that bad but he sure starts throwing some wild passes, over the head etc.  I think there is room for improvement on BYU’s team and look forward to see those improvements next year.  🙂

It’s been fun with the snow and taking trips down the Cedar City to see chad and Katie, this past weekend.  When I got down their (we went to baby sit while they sang in the Mosiah with the Southren Utah State Collage Orchesta.  Well when we got there Katie said,”Why don’t you sing with us dad”.  Now I have been singing in the PG Community choir up until two years ago so I thought, OK.
I went to the dress rehersal Saturday morning for 3 hours and made two minor errors in all the songs that where sung.  In fact I joked with Chad and Katie that there were sections where I came in at the right time and the Bass section followed.  (I love singing solo’s) and yes I did come in in the right spot.  So needless to say, I did sing with the Sunday Night and Monday night performances of the Mosiah in Cedar City.  In fact I was probably one of the best perfomrances I have ever sung in.  It is so good that I am providing a link to download or listen to the postcast in this blog.

Chad and Katie did and excellent job with Chad singing in the small group that was up in the balcony for one of the numbers.  If you listen to the podcast at the end the director is talking and mentions this group.  They were great.

Handel’s Messiah

Note : push the play button when you get to the page.

Enjoy the Christmas Spirit



  1. It sounds like you had a great time! I a glad you were able to sing. Now I am going to watch the video… 😉

  2. Nice. I bet you didn’t think that you would be singing with them when you first ventured down there. Sounds like a cool few days.

  3. Of course you haven’t been erased yet. The rules state that the blog must be inactive for 2 years until deletion. I would venture to say that a phone call would also be given to inform you regarding our extension policy. Let’s hope that it never gets to that, OK?

  4. I have to do this, just because I am me:) I had no idea there was a performance of the Mosiah… it new? I am familiar with the Messiah:)

    I sang the first year we lived in Cedar City and they really do an amazing job down there!

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