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A Rundown of the Cabin and what has been done in 2012

I posted a blog at the beginning of spring with what the cabin was like when we go up there after last winter.  We a lot has happened since that post and I just thought it would be good to bring my blog up to date.

The Family has put a lot of work into getting the cabin to a point were we could start using it on the scheduled July 17th start date.  To be honest with you I didn’t think we would be able to get all the work that was needed done.  Fortunately the Family pulled through.  The following is a rundown of all that was done, along with pictures to show the progress of the work.

On May 20th Linda and I took the frig that we bought and the Oven that was donated, up to the cabin and got them installed. We also go some of the varnishing done and the door for the water clean outs installed.

On May 26th we had a great work effort where the Huntman family came up and Chad cut down about 18 to 20 dead trees. We also started the Rail work in the loft and put in the shelving in the back bedroom closet.

On June 2nd we started in ernest  to work on the Railing upstairs, at this point I was really worried about being able to get all the work done with only one month left to go.

On June 9th we got a little more done on the rails (ok it was really looking bad at this point).

On June 16th our prayers were answered and Art and Steph Maxwell and Micheal and Trish Griffee  and the Coombs and Sharp families all came up to the cabin to work. We worked hard all weekend and the results were spectacular.

On June 23th Linda and I worked hard to cut down a tree by the river bridge and trim, shape and fit it for the knewl post for the stairs.  This took us about 14 hours to do.

On July 7th we finished up with the stair rails, I couldn’t believe we had most of the rail work done.  Now all we needed was to get the varnish on the rails and walls.

July 15th, with two days to spare we finally got all the varnishing done.

We still have some trim work to do but that doesn’t stop people from going up and using the cabin.  We will work on the window sills and other log trim work over the next few months as we have the cabin scheduled.  But for the most part the cabin is ready for people to start using .

Linda and I are hopeful that family members will now be able to use this great leagacy that Grandma and Grandpa Coombs have provided for our family.  We hope that those who use that cabin may feel the wonderful spirit that is there and feel closer to Grandma and Grandpa and family.

Here are the pictures that have been take this summer showing the progress and work that was done.

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More Cabin Fun


It has been a while but there has been a lot done on the cabin over the past year.  We now have carpet, hardwood floors, a new stove and Fridge, Bedrooms, bathrooms, and the Rails are going up in the loft.  It’s been a long hard two summers but Linda and I see the end in site.  I am putting pictures in here to show you what we have done in the past two summers.

We want to thank those who have contributed time, work effort, and money to help us bless the lives of all of our families.  There is not a day that goes by at the cabin that we don’t remember Grandma and Grandpa Coombs, and their children, for giving us this special place to come and get away from lifes stress and enjoy family and loved ones.

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July 24th Cabin update

Linda and I spent four days at the cabin this weekend working.  We got a lot done and just wanted to share the cabin progress with all of you.

1. We got the front bedroom textured, painted and a bed installed.  (We can now actually get some sleep at night while we are up here working)

2. We got the cement poured in the back bedroom (filled in the hole from when the water lines were put in for the bathroom.  This took about six hours of hard work, I’m getting to old for this LOL)

3. Put in the header for the back bedroom closet and framed it in for closet doors.

4. Linda and I have about 1/3 of the sheet rock done in the back bedroom.

5. Replaced the window in the back bedroom.

6. Put in the new window on the North end of the loft. (You can get a nice breeze through the loft now during the day to cool things off.

Here are pictures of what was done this weekend.

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July 2011 Cabin Update, and Pictures too!!!

Because of the snow this year it was tough getting into the cabin.  We were not able to get in until June 25th, and the water running in the river is the highest anyone can remember (40+ years).  Art and Ray Maxwell and Earl Coombs came up and worked on shoring up the foundation for the front bedroom.  It turns out there was cement holding the post in place but the post had rotted out at ground level and the cabin was sinking…….  We jacket the front of the cabin up about 8 inches, which leveled the floor in the room.  A side effect was that we had to take out the window on the stair side of the room and reset the window.  We also got the upstairs loft window replaced.

Steve Coombs and Family and Earl Coombs were at the cabin working on July 2nd and got most of the insulation in and puttying done on the pine paneling.

Linda and Ray were up on July 9th and finished sheet rocking the front bedroom, and part of the loft. In the front bedroom all the taping is done and the first coat of mud is in place.  We also put in the attic vent.

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First of October and still working at the Cabin

Linda and I left Friday afternoon for the Cabin.  When we got there we had a suprise, Earl left a note last week saying he would be up Saturday. I started work on putting the rest of the insulation up in the front bedroom and Linda started burning the slash. Saturday morning Earl got to the cabin and we continued to work, Linda burning old slash wood, and Earl and I working on the things that need to be done to the cabin.  Earl worked on wiring , extending the septic pipe, and looking for and cutting the logs we need to make the rails for the loft this winter.

I completed the insulation and prep work for the front bedroom and it is now ready for sheet rock. We then started work on the paneling in the great room.

Got quite a bit done.

Here are some pictures of this weeks work.

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Cabin update Sept 18

I went up to the cabin again this weekend to work.  I took a day off work and went up Friday Morning with Linda and two of the grandkids. Braxton and Michael.(Katie’s two kids).  I got quite a bit done.  I intalled the 6 foot window in the front bedroom, installed a wall at the top of the stairs in the loft on the left side, Finished the logs where the old door was taken out for the front bedroom. (Outside door), and started installing the wood paneling in the Great room.
I also had a great lunch Saturday (Thanks Diane, Earl, Ann, and Mom and Dad for letting me horn in on the monthly siblings get together.)

Here are the pictures of the progress:

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Cabin Update Sept 13

Sorry but there are no pictures with this update.  I left my camera at home and didn’t think about it until I got half way up Provo Canyon.  But I do want to give the family an update on the state of the Cabin and what I got done up there this past weekend.

I went up Friday morning after picking up a rough nail gun to do the work I had planned for the weekend.  Last week I picked up the four windows that are left to be replaced at the cabin.  I only took up two of the windows this week because I was working alone, and I know me, if I had taken the 6 foot window that goes in the front bedroom, I would have tried to put it in myself. LOL.

I am working hard to get the front bedroom prepped for Sheet rock before winter sets in and stops the work till spring.  This weekend I replaced the small window in this room, did all the electrical wiring, and finished all the rough framing so that sheet rock can be put in.  Next weekend I plan on replacing the large window and finish insulation.  With that the room is ready to rock, paint and carpet!!!!!!

I also did the finish trim on the back of the bathroom door.  Which completes the work needed in the bathroom.

I also did the rough framing in the loft for sheet rock.  I analyzing the loft I thought it would be appropriate to put a wall at the top of the stairs on the left hand side at you go up the stairs, and talked it over with Earl and he agreed. (This is the side that has the double bed in it.)  Talking to my daughter she reminded me that when they were kids, the only place they could change cloths was in the far back corner of the loft.  This wall will allow some privacy for those who stay upstairs.  It will also look better from the great room because it will hide the area of the loft, from below,  which will have sheet rock on it.  The added benefit is that it will provide a third area for adults to sleep if three couples want to go up at the same time to the cabin.  This is a simple fix that will only require 10 to 12 2X4 studs and about an hour of work to rough frame it in.

I will take pictures this next weekend and get them posted.  (I know we gotta have the eye candy)  🙂


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Christmas Meadows Cabin Projects

I thought this might be the best way to get information and pictures out about the Coombs Family Cabin at Christmas Meadows.  With the Cabin being put into a trust for the family I have had renewed interest in helping get it into a condition where it can actually be used by the family and bless the lives of all of Olive and Arthur Coombs posterity.  With that in mind I have been working the past 3 weekends with Earl and other members of the family to finish up the work Earl started.

Let me just put in a plug here for anyone who wants to contribute time and labor to helping with getting the cabin finish.  We can always use help with getting the work done.  Many hands make the work go faster.

Here are pictures I took the first week we were up there cutting up all the trees.  We did about 3 cords of wood around the cabin and stacked it.

More Pictures from last week.

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A Christmas letter to friends and family

As we come into this Holiday season, with the expectations of gifts, food, family and friends; I feel it important to write a little something about my feelings and events of the past year.

I know I don’t write on my blog nearly enough and I am sure not many will read this but, I felt it important to communicate my feelings about Christmas and family during this holiday season.

This has been an interesting year in the Maxwell family.  Linda and I have been very blessed through the past year with the blessing of better health and safety in our family.  All are well and we were blessed with two new additions to the family.  It seems that I am getting old in spite of my denials of said aging.  We now have 10 grandchildren, with the addition of Gabriel Griffee (Gabe), and Gwendolyn Olive Brierley Moss (Gwengamen) LOL.  I have come to the conclusion that it is not so bad getting older as long as you have sweat grandchildren to love and enjoy in your geriatric years.  It has been wonderful watching our grand kids grow and develop and we feel so blessed to have such wonderful children and their spouses who are raising them in the Gospel.

During this Christmas season I have put off the “grumpy old man”,  and have been trying to enjoy the spirit of Christmas and giving.   It is a wonderful time of the year, when we remember the Savior and his birth.  I look at my two new grandchildren this year with a since of wonder at the miracle of creation and the blessing your Father in Heaven has given us as his children to bring these sweet infants into this world and love and care for them.  As I have thought about this it has given me a greater understanding of the Love and joy that Mary and Joseph must have felt for their infant son.  It has also caused my to ponder the responsibility they knew that had for the Son of God and their need and desire to raise him to his full potential.

What a great responsibility we carry as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and family to help set an example for these precious souls that our Father has given to our families.  We are so blessed to have our family so close.  Even Cedar City is not that far away, and we get many chances through the years to see our children and family.

I hope this finds all of you health and happy and enjoying the Christmas spirit of giving and service.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.


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Trying again to get a post out.

Well it’s time again to surprise everyone with a blog.  The past few months have been fun and work.  We have worked on the basement and added another bedroom to the Maxwell Hotel.  We now have more rooms for guests. You know us, we aren’t happy unless we have a full (to overflowing house).  We have had Masha and her son Grant living with us for the past 6 months and I felt we needed to finish the room she was staying in.  It had cement walls (painted) and an old carpet from Mike Coombs home here in Utah.  So… while she was at Holly’s house recovering from knee surgery, Art and I finished the room.  It looks fantastic, even if I do say so myself.

I also have spent some time installing the wiring and setting up Mom and Dad’s (Gramma and Grampa Coombs) new 56 inch flat panel TV over their fireplace.  We finally got the DVR HD box set up last night but…. couldn’t get the HD stations to come in properly.  S0 a tech is coming out Saturday to fix the problem and also run a second Satellite cable so they can record and watch at the same time.  Their fire place is very nice and the TV above it looks great also.  LOL.

So I am including in this blog a new video on Why the Mormons build temples.  I thought it was great and was given the URL by the church to use on blogs etc.  So… here it is:

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